“Fans of classical music—which can be a challenging genre to tag correctly—should check out ReadyToPlay, which provided the most consistent classical music tags.”
– The Wall Street Journal

“ReadyToPlay was able to catalog my entire collection of over 5,000 classical CDs. From day one, Jeff and the team at ReadyToPlay were completely immersed in my collection, checking in with me every step of the way. Without getting overwhelmed, the team was able to create a beautiful library of high-quality lossless files that reintroduced me to the music that I love. Thank you!!”
– Mr. Murro,  5,000+ CDs

“Just a brief thank you note for the excellent service you provided for our 2400 CD classical music collection. My brother’s portion of the collection was in very good shape and he is extremely happy with the music, excellent quality and very accurate album cover identification. Thank you again!”
– Mr. Reyes, 2400 CDs

“At last, a professional ripping service for opera and classical music lovers! Ready to Play turned my 500+ CD collection into a well organized and informative library. No scratches, no missing tracks, no dud burns. Their detailed tagging system allows me to find specific tracks, artists, composers, genre and musicians with ease. And RTP’s individual customer service is fantastic: Jeff Tedesco discussed my collection and library objectives in-depth, executed the rip promptly and followed up twice to make sure all was in order. I had previously tried another company who burned the collection without reference to movement/act names, poor tagging and lots of incomplete rips. I also called a few companies and they clearly had little experience with classical music collections. What a pleasure to find such tailor-made service.”
– Sarah Y. 500+ CDs

“I have a collection of over 3,000 exclusively classical CDs. I did a lot of research and checked out the various services. After discussions with a number of vendors it was clear that Readytoplay offered the best service and metadata. They were certainly more expensive, that paying for a lesser service would have been basically worthless because the entire purpose of digitizing a collection is defeated without the proper tagging and metadata. My collection is not only large but full of obscure labels and real rarities. I have spent way too many hours on my hands and knees digging through dusty bins in used CD stores across the globe (Tokyo, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc…) and have the rare, limited edition, out of print CDs to show for it. I just received the hard drive with my files and have to say I’m mightily impressed with the results. Jeff and his team did a very detailed job grooming the tags so that the tracks are easy to find on iTunes and Sonos. Plus, they went the extra mile to track down artwork for CDs which were not in their regular databases. Having your music digitally accessible is a game-changer – everything is right there at your fingertips. Readytoplay’s customer service is amazing. The company is super organized and has data sheets outlining everything you need to know. If you’re considering digitizing your classical CD collection, I can’t think of a better company than Readytoplay. Although they are more expensive,
if you have a large collection, it’s worth the extra money because you’ll be satisfied with the product.”
– Mr. Urcis, 3000+ CDs

“My wife’s delighted reaction to seeing all of her own CDs pretty much summed up both our feelings. We’re too old to say ‘Christmas came early this year’ but there was a bit of light in our faces, I assure you! It is STUNNING how much having album art contributes to my ‘finding’ my own music. I didn’t realize until I started browsing your rips how valuable even a single photo can spark memories of an album. Above all else — EXCELLENT metadata, high rip quality — the album art alone made the cost worth it. The metadata is so far as SUPERB as you made it out to be. Clicking through the collection feels like a luxurious experience: album art, accurate, consistent, typo-free metadata.  Compared to what I used to have to do before — edit EVERY SINGLE CD’s METADATA — this is immeasurably better.”

– Mr. Liu, NYC 739 CDS

“I wanted express how greatly pleased I was with the service you provided in ripping my classical CD library. The cover artwork looked great, the annotation enabled easy searching, and the files loaded seamlessly to iTunes. Your suggestion for synching the files with all my devices was better than the advice I got from the Apple tech.”
– Mr. Roth, 1200 CDS

“I recently asked ReadyToPlay to rip 250+ CDs for me. I knew that tagging the tracks on this collection of traditional jazz and oldtime music CDs, most from obscure labels, would be difficult. Stomp Off, Black Swan and many other specialty labels are not often listed on the big databases. I needn’t have worried. These folks tagged every track on every CD, with but one exception. Wow!!!”
– Jonathan, 942 CDs 

“I don’t think I ever wrote to tell you how the ripping job you did for me turned out. I’m completely satisfied — the metadata is clean and consistent, audio quality is pristine, and everything you laid out is just like I expected it to be. I’ll definately recommend our service to anyone I know who’s looking to get their CDs ripped.”
– Steve Grimm, 477 CDs 

“Jeff – it’s all FANTASTIC! Pardon me for not writing sooner to let you know and thank you. The system is great and so far your execution has been flawless. The Sonos system is spectacular for Jazz in terms of quality, display of information and flexibility.”
– Peter Wald, 1000 CDs 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jeff Tedesco when I decided to take my rock and rock-abilly collection of 9,000 CDs and convert them to digital format. Most of my CDs are very obscure yet Jeff and his team did an incredible job of tracking down all the data required for me to conveniently access any track in my collection – they were extremely conscientious and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them highly to even the most demanding of music collectors.
– John Hagel 9000 CDs

“Thank you for my 1000+ CD rip to Lossless/Mp3. The service was great from the initial phone call to when I got the discs back with the hard drive. Of course the sound quality is great on my Sonos, but the real differentiator is the attention to detail on the Artist/Album/Title/Artwork for my collection. You got the info for the mainstream discs, but blew me away with the quality on the obsure discs I’ve picked up over the years. Czech & Hungarian punk/rock/folk – found it. South African Kwaito – all good. Danish metal bands – no problem. Freakout jazz, Senegalese hip-hop, indie, limited release straightedge punk, and on the list goes. Clearly R2P is a service by music lovers for music lovers. I will recommend your service to all my music nut and audiophile friends! Keep it up!
– Randall Thatcher,  1020 CDs 

“As I look over my 4000 CD newly ripped and organized collection I am noticing alot of things. The amount of work you did is absolutely phenomenal. I am having the most fun just going through it and seeing all the variables I can sort, search and organize. It is awesome and perhaps more important, it sounds fantastic!. Your work was worth every penny – maybe more. You’ve been great to work with and I hope this has served us both well, equally.”
– John Berg, 4076 CDs

“LOL, I have music again! I think people forget that music used to fill their lives, when they kept their CD’s in order. Used to have the same 5 discs sitting in the carousel for a year – now being replaced by music ‘at my fingertips’ is an extraordinary upgrade in the quality of my life. Went with Sonos, won’t look back. So funny what you don’t know you’re missing when you forget about it…different music in different rooms and the big one, music (loud) in my den. Jeez, how did I live without that for the last 8 years. Everything you did rocks, this is awesome. Happy as a clam and soooo happy we chose you folks.”
– John Wood, 853 CDs

“Loved the service. I was ‘sold’ during our informative phone conversation where you patiently answered all of my questions and described your service in detail. there were other, cheaper alternatives out there, but you clearly stood by your service and I wasn’t going to take my chances sending off my entire CD collection to some cheapo rip house. And I made a good decision! Quick turnaround, outstanding rips and great advice on media library management software. You’ll definately be hearing from me again when my CD collection builds up again.”
– Mark, 650 CDs

“I greatly appreciate your going the extra mile for me. That is precisely the kind of individual customer service and attention to detail that was mentioned in several of the reviews of various ripping service providers when I was looking into doing this. It definately re-affirms my decision to bring my business to you. It’s a rare and pleasant surprise when someone lives up to the positive billing, and I am sure glad I found one of the exceptions. Thanks, again.”
– Billy, 425 CDs

“I now have my wonderful music not only ‘Ready to Play’, but it is ready to play on my iPod, my reciever and my computer! This is completely due to the mini tutorial you provided me during the entire process. All the music is listed according to many categories, so it’s not just ready to play, its ‘EASY TO PLAY’ – genres, artists, title and on & on. All my music is now completely protected against loss – something I should have done years ago.”
– Margie Culbertson, 342 CDs

“It’s so fantastic that all my CDs are in one place and that I can set music to play for hours. It’s like my entire CD collection was unlocked, because I was just too lazy before to get up and pull CDs out of the changer. I’m really delighted and it was definately money well spent!”
– Polly Siegel, 616 CDs 

“I was talking with a friend last night about you guys and how it does seem that you’ve found something magic – a business that opens people’s eyes to a world they forgot they had sitting on their bookshelf. Kudos to you for doing it in a way that is so user-centered and service-oriented. It’s inspiring for those of us who hope to find something magic like that to start in our garages. That’s the Bay Area (or every entrepreneur’s) dream after all. Thanks for sharing that with me and best of luck to you for continued success.”
– Elizabeth Misner 210 CDs

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