Your Tesla. Your Music.

The finest car ever manufactured and you’re listening to low-fidelity streaming music? You deserve better.

Our new customized service for Tesla owners. The package includes:

  • Conversion of your CD’s to a Tesla compatible full-fidelity digital format.
  • Proper Tagging of the important data so you can find and select your music easily.
  • Loading  your music collection on a ‘plug & play’ USB drive. 

Now you can easily access and enjoy your music, in your car, wherever the road takes you. You can also enjoy your collection on whole-house audio systems like Sonos, Control 4 and others.

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At ReadyToPlay, we understand the wants and needs of the sophisticated buyer. With customers like Elton John, B.B. King, Michael Tilson-Thomas, Carl Icahn and many more, we are simply the best in the world at what we do.

We can help with your MP3 libraries too! Just call us.

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Jeff TedescoYour Tesla, Your Music